At Colonial Cleaners social responsibility means following
our core values.

In 1982 we chose Ridgefield as the home for our business and our family. We were attracted by the town’s beauty, rich history, community spirit and excellent public school system. Ridgefield appeared to be the perfect town for building our American Dream.

From the very first day that we opened our doors, we had a vision for how we would achieve our success: always take pride in our work, offer service and value to our customers, be respectful of our employees and our environment, incorporate new technology into our operations and contribute in any way we could to our community. More than thirty years have passed, and we continue to follow these same core values.

At Colonial Cleaners social responsibility means taking civic responsibility.

Today, we feel blessed to be a part of the Ridgefield community as parents, as business owners, as volunteers, as neighbors and as friends. We and our staff take pride in having served our community throughout the years in various capacities within numerous organizations. From donating our services to serving on Boards, we embrace the importance of civic responsibility, especially in a small town.

Some of the local organizations we support:

Ridgefield VNA, Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Ridgefield, Ridgefield Community Center, Founder’s Hall, Little League, Ridgefield Theater Barn, Ridgefield Playhouse, Dress for Success, TBICO, Keeler Tavern, Ridgefield Farmers Market

2012 Rotary Citizen of the Year

On June 20, the Ridgefield Rotary honored Debra Hayes with their 2012 Citizen of the Year Award.

Connecticut State Repr. John Frey presented Ms. Hayes with a citation that celebrated her being named Citizen of the Year.

The Ridgefield Rotary Club, which has served Ridgefield since 1941, has honored the Citizens of the Year since 1972. The club’s motto is “Service Above Self,” and the Citizen of the Year Award highlights community members who do the same.


At Colonial Cleaners social responsibility means caring for our environment while maintaining our own high standards for garment and fabric care.

We live where we work. We work where we live. We are fiercely protective of the environment that we share with our employees, families, friends and neighbors.

That’s why we choose to be a greener cleaner.

When you walk into our shop you may notice that it doesn’t smell like dry cleaning establishments of the past, nor do the dry-cleaned garments hanging in your closet at home smell of solvent.

That’s because we use state-of-the-art equipment that does not require the use of the dry cleaning solvent perchloroethylene (perc) to clean your clothes.


As dry cleaners and as consumers, we are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards while also maintaining our own high standards for garment and fabric care. We continue to educate ourselves on best environmental practices for our industry. We adopt new cleaning techniques and recycling practices. In 2006, after much research, we installed our first computer-controlled cleaning equipment that performs up to our standards while utilizing advanced technology to make the cleaning process non-toxic, perc-free, odorless, safer to use, gentler on your clothing and friendlier to our environment.

We are very proud that our environmental standards and practices have earned us a four leaves rating from the Green Cleaners Council.

We have earned a "Four Leaf" rating from the Green Cleaners Council.

We encourage our customers to return their hangers and polyethylene bags to us for reuse. In addition to recycling polyethylene bags, we also use recycled paper and plastic products whenever available. Ask us to combine your clothing articles into fewer bags.

By working together, we can reduce waste and help our environment.

Recycle & reuse