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FAQs about our pick up and delivery service

When will you pick up my cleaning?

We pick up and deliver Monday through Saturday. You can contact us for details about which days we visit your neighborhood. Just need occasional pick up and delivery? We offer a “will-call” option. Contact us when you have an order and we’ll arrange pick up and delivery.

When will you return my clothes?

It depends on whether you are scheduled as a once-a-week, twice-a-week or will-call customer. Contact us to arrange a convenient schedule that will suit your needs.

How do I pay?

On the first of every month we’ll send you a statement of your account. You can either mail us your payment, pay through your bank online, use a credit card on file or enclose a check in your blue laundry bag. 

How can I get additional laundry bags?

Contact us. 

Would you like to get started?

Fill out this form or call us at 203.431.6397
or visit our shop at 19 Catoonah Street in Ridgefield, CT