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Our Services

Whether you visit our shop or utilize our pick up and delivery service, our objective is always the same — to meet or exceed your expectations of service and garment care. You can depend on us because we perform and supervise most cleaning and finishing operations on premises by our staff, utilizing environmentally friendly practices.

Convenient pick up and delivery service

Save time with our dependable pick up and delivery service to your residence or business in Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, Weston, North Salem, Cross River, Waccabuc, South Salem, Pound Ridge, and New Canaan. Find out more about how pick up and delivery works. Contact us by e-mail, phone us at 203.431.6397 or visit our shop on Catoonah Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Same-day services

  • Dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundered shirts: in by 10am out by 3pm on most items. Find out more about dry cleaning and wet cleaning...
  • At your service: we have full-time tailors on staff Monday through Friday who make every effort to accommodate quick unscheduled repairs such as hems, zippers and buttons. If you need an emergency repair, just contact us and we’ll let you know when one of our tailors will be available.

Shirt laundering

We begin with careful manual stain removal for stains that can’t be removed by machine washing. After washing, each shirt is individually finished, then inspected for missing or broken buttons that may need to be replaced. We will hang or fold & box your shirts, whichever you prefer.

Custom alterations

We offer you the pride and comfort that comes from wearing properly fitted clothing. Our staff includes full-time tailors who are experienced in the complexities of fine tailoring and the alteration of specialty garments such as wedding gowns, tuxedos, evening gowns, prom dresses, and uniforms. Please contact us to make an appointment for garment tailoring or complex alterations. For simple alterations, such as hem shortening, feel free to stop by the shop for a complimentary pinning. We want to make sure that you always receive the finest fit and proper length.

Free seasonal storage

We offer seasonal storage free of charge for all garments that we have cleaned and pressed. Our temperature-controlled rooms are dedicated exclusively to garment storage on-site at our shop. We request one week’s prior notice to retrieve your stored items. We do charge a nominal fee for fur storage. Furs are stored in an off-site fur vault.

Wedding dress & gown preservation

Every garment is unique, so our preservation process begins with a consultation. We examine the garment with you to discuss your expectations, determine its condition and communicate any concerns we may have of potential problems or possible risks to the item if it is wet cleaned. The next step is a gentle cleansing. Once cleaned, we contact you to return for a second inspection to verify that the cleansed garment meets with your approval. Upon receiving your approval, the garment is pressed and then carefully packed into an acid-free storage box for protection from humidity and oxidation. Bridal accessories may be preserved separately or with the gown.

Heirloom and fine garment preservation and restoration

We take great care with your irreplaceable family heirlooms. Professional cleaning can bring new life to antique wedding gowns, christening gowns, table linens, lace pieces and hand-crafted quilts. Before we proceed, we’ll discuss the process with you and explain if there are any potential risks or restoration limitations.

Tablecloths, linens and household item laundering

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to clean most large household items on-site – including tablecloths, linens, draperies, bedding, feather comforters, sleeping bags and small rugs. We send down pillows to be renewed by an off-site specialist who will clean, sterilize, and fluff the feathers. The refreshed feathers are then stuffed into a new, complimentary slipcover.

Large rug cleaning and leather & suede cleaning

  • We have found that these items demand specialized attention, so we send them to off-site specialists who share our commitment to quality.
  • Please remember to bring in any care information that came with the garment – it will help us provide the best possible outcome for your leather, suede and fur.
  • Stains that are old and set cannot always be removed safely, so be sure to point out all stains.
  • To ensure all your matching pieces continue to match after cleaning, have them cleaned at the same time.

We offer both dry cleaning and wet cleaning depending on the fabric, the manufacturer's care label and your preference.

Wet cleaning

We are dedicated to protecting our environment and reducing waste by instituting new cleaning techniques and recycling practices. Considered a safe alternative by the EPA, wet cleaning is a water and detergent based process that greatly reduces the use of dry cleaning solvents. Many fabrics that are typically dry cleaned by other cleaners — cottons, linens, polyesters, some rayons and silks, are good candidates for wet cleaning. We carefully color-test each garment. If it qualifies for wet cleaning, it is inspected for stains and carefully pre-spotted. The garment is then processed with specially formulated soap and professionally steam-pressed.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning utilizes cleaning agents instead of water to clean fabrics that cannot be cleaned effectively using the wet cleaning process. In order to meet the standards of Colonial Cleaners and its customers, some wool garments such as suits and coats, some silks and other perishable garments are cleaned using dry cleaning methods. At Colonial Cleaners, we do not use the dry cleaning solvent perchloroethylene (perc). We use environmentally friendlier products, engineered to be biodegradable alternatives to perc.