Deb Hayes receives the 2012 Rotary Citizen of the Year Award

Deb Hayes receives the 2012 Rotary Citizen of the Year Award

When we opened our doors in 1982, our goal was to provide superior dry cleaning and professional laundry services to Ridgefield and its surrounding communities. After more than three decades in business, we continue to dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding this goal with our ongoing commitment to quality, service, the environment and our community.

Colonial Cleaners is a family owned and operated business run by me – Debra, and my husband Peter. Peter and I began our careers in other industries, but dry cleaning was in my blood—my parents owned dry cleaning establishments in Wilton and Georgetown. When the time came to settle down and raise a family, Peter and I decided to take the entrepreneurial route with a business I knew well. In 1982 we opened our very own dry cleaning shop in historic Ridgefield, CT. We chose Ridgefield for its beauty, strong community spirit and excellent public school system.

Colonial Cleaners has grown and evolved considerably since 1982. We began as a small shop, in a small space, off the beaten path. In 1992 we relocated to our present building (a former livery stable), conveniently located on Catoonah Street. Since then, we have renovated and expanded our shop to become a 9,000 square foot, sparkling clean store front and environmentally responsible facility that houses the finest state-of-the art equipment available in the industry.

Debra Hayes

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